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Arwem Food Group is the partner of your salty snacks moments
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experts for more than 50 years in the international food trade sector

Our work

Tradition Quality Innovation

Our group is active in manufacturing, packaging and importing grocery products – especially biscuits, chocolates, confectionary items, bakery products, pastry goods and snacks.

We constantly look for items and specialties to be able to offer more diversity and value to our customers in their selling points.

A family story

  1. In 1964, Mister Constant Van Dyck started a commercial activity in the area of biscuits, industrial pastries, sweets and chocolates.

    Based on his growing experience he had a visionary look and starting expanding the promotion of biscuits and confectioneries items on the Belgian and neighbouring markets. Over the years, Anita, Rudy, Werner and Marc, Mister Constant Van Dyck’s children, joined this activity.

  2. Created in 1971, Probisco international is the first company of the future Arwem Food Group holding and remains the strategic partner and coordinator of different European companies in the area of biscuits, chocolates, sweets, breads (substitutes), pastries and snacks.

    Probisco permanently sources new products, financing new developments and, with a growing staff, looking for the right distribution channels according to its partners requests.

  3. Since 1985, Mr. Werner and Mr. Marc Van Dyck have been the managers and their children (Yannick, Dimitri, Julie and Mike) joined the company as well.

    In the early nineties, the Arwem family holding was created and several distribution companies set up in Western Europe.

  4. Since 2008, all food activities have been integrated in the Arwem Food Group holding, a 3 generation family company with a significant experience in the food sector.

A business story

Market surveys, store checks, sales strategies, product/packaging developments, quality controls, meetings with production units and (potential) customers.

Arwem Food Group distribute food in Europe
probisco international

Probisco sprl

Route G’Haster, 50

4950 Ovifat, Belgium

VAT: BE 0408 453 439

Dimi SA

Route G’Haster, 50

4950 Ovifat, Belgium

VAT: BE 0446 037 672

Aron nv

Gronsvelderweg, 1

6247 ER Gronsveld, The Netherlands

VAT: NL 853 438 237 B01

Happy Snacks GmbH

Grevener Damm 24-26

48282 Emsdetten, Germany

VAT: DE 811 768 121

Arwem Food Distribution UK Ltd

Palmerston House, Brighton Road 814

CR8 2BR Purley, Surrey, United Kingdom

VAT: GB 102 4907 49

Satellite sas

Av. des champs Elysées, 121

75008 Paris, France

VAT: FR 343 994 473 33

Dimi Dulces Iberica sl

Calle Roger de Lluria n°50, 5°

08009 Barcelona, Spain

VAT: ES B63744668

Our products & brands

  • Waffles & cakes

    For irresistible tasteful moments

    Cake a Way - Waffle & cakes
    Belicious - Frozen Food
  • Biscuits

    Tradition, innovation and always very tasty

    Carabel - Waffles & Cakes
    De la Digue - Delicious Biscuits
  • Cups

    We can cup you anything

    The cup - we cup you anything
    Nandoe - choco dip
  • Savory snacks

    The tasty snack to share

    Happy Snacks - Savory Snacks
  • Frozen

    Long life frozen quality product

    Be Frozen - Frozen food
    Belicious - Frozen Food
  • Organic

    The tasty organic snack

    Cake a Way - Waffle & cakes
    De la Digue - Delicious Biscuits
    Benefit - Organic Food

Our strengths

  • Certification

    Our IFS Broker certifications guarantee the safety and quality of our products. We’ve been certified for our first subsidiary since 2014.

    IFS Broker certified

    With our organic certifications, we can offer products from organic farming. In 2008 we’ve been certified for our first subsidiary.

    Organic certified products
  • Relationship

    For many years, AFG has had a strong relationship with retailers and discounters in Europe.

  • Exporting

    AFG also exports products outside Europe through its international network.

  • Ambient & Frozen products

    Most of AFG’s products are shelf stable and sold ambient. Over the last few years, AFG has started distributing frozen products as well.

  • Retail and foodservice

    AFG is not only dealing with retailers and distibutors but is also very active in the Out of Home sector (collectivities, vending machines, petrol stations, etc.).

Our services


Worldwide distribution through an international network.

  • product-knowledge

    Product knowledge: biscuits, chocolates, sweets, breads & substitutes, pastries and snacks

  • Market knowledge / Sensory panels

  • Logistic advantages for the supplier: 1 central warehouse per country

  • Sales & Marketing advice

  • Quality services (approval of manufacturers, compliance with customer’s requirements, food regulation expertise, labelling check)

  • Registered supplier to the major European retailers

  • Logistic advantages for the customers: stock management, picking, ...

  • Creation / development of specific packaging and tailor made product

  • High Quality Standards (international recognition standards for quality and food safety, food hygiene and safety procedures, sustainable certified raw materials)

  • Local or dedicated staff for our customers

  • Several languages spoken inside the company: FR, NL, DE, ES, IT, EN.

  • Quick market surveys (prices and recipes)

Our People

  • Board of Directors

    • Anita Kornwolf
    • Dimitri Van Dyck
    • Julie Van Dyck
    • Marc Van Dyck
    • Mike Van Dyck
    • Werner Van Dyck
    • Yannick Van Dyck
  • Sales

    Sales Managers

    • Esther Cucurella
    • Holger Koop
    • Stéphane Toussaint
    • Dimitri Van Dyck
    • Marc Van Dyck
    • Werner Van Dyck
    • Yannick Van Dyck
    • Bart van Laar

    Junior Key Accounts

    • Markus Schröder
    • Julien Thunus
    • Stan Tossings

    Area sales office

    • Karin Bültel, Natasja Fuhrmann,
    • André Günnigmann, Elena Heyen
    • Diana Jasica, Murielle Lazzari,
    • Lydie Legrand, Rachelle Lemmens,
    • Françoise Lemoine, Stéphanie Pichot,
    • Lucy Schyns, Joséphine Sciascia.
  • Logistics

    Logistic Manager

    • Aline Heukemes

    Logistic Assistants

    • Sandra Bill
    • Florence Curtz
    • Roy Janssen
    • Lisa Marie Kormann
    • Petra Kunze
  • Quality

    Quality Manager

    • Charlotte Guilbert

    Quality Assistants

    • Christelle Achen
    • Maria-Luisa Arias
    • Haifa Gerson
    • Line Reymenans
  • R&D


    • Werner Van Dyck

    Sourcing Assistant

    • Françoise Lemoine

    New Product Developement Assistants

    • Lilianne Broekman
    • Georges Pelsser
  • Accounting

    Financial Officer

    • Anita Kornwolf

    Financial Manager

    • Philippe Bronlet

    Corporate Controller

    • Sandrine Hanf


    • Cédric Etienne
    • Carine Peiffer
    • Pamela Van Dyck
  • Communication

    Graphic Manager

    • Stéphane Van Dyck

    Food & Packaging Designer

    • Louison Galhaut
    • Adeline Marichal
  • Others

    Operating & Non Food Managers

    • Julie Van Dyck
    • Mike Van Dyck

    IT Service

    • Frédéric Declaye
    • Jean-François Hermann
    • Paul-Philippe Nelles

    Administrative Assistant

    • Doris Toussaint

Our Head Office

Not far from the highest point of Belgium, we would be more than happy to welcome you in our office.

Arwem House

Route de G’Hâstêr, 50

4950 Ovifat, BELGIUM

+32 (0) 80 44 02 60

At Ovifat, follow the "ARWEM HOUSE" signs

50°28’32.4»N 6°06’24.1»E

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